5th IndicThreads Conference On Java, Pune, India

The 5th IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology will be held on 10th and 11st December 2010 in Pune, India.

Sessions at the conference deal with key topics & buzzing new technologies like Spring Roo, Groovy & Grails, Domain Specific Languages, Optimizing Java Applications for multi-core hardware, HBase non-relational database, Java performance evaluation and diagnosis, Adobe Flex, OSGI, Java Infrastructure, JavaEE, Java Web Services & Apache Thrift. Speakers at the conference include distinguished experts & authors on Java software development.

Conference sessions will dive into the various frameworks, platforms, architectures & techniques for delivering robust & high performance Java software.

IndicThreads is one of India’s leading tech+media brands and has been successfully running the online magazine IndicThreads.com & hosting some of India’s finest independent technology conferences.

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