Why OSGi matters for Enterprise Java Infrastructures

OSGi continues to take over the landscape of Java-based infrastructure products ranging from Integrated Development Environment (like Eclipse), Application servers to enterprise Java systems and now setting horizons at Cloud infrastructures.

In this talk we will see how and why OSGi matters for enterprise Java systems. As a dynamic module system, the session will show how OSGi allows developers to modularize applications to create truly reusable components for enterprise scale. Features like strong modularity, versioning support, declarative services, the run-time ability to add, remove & update modules to build server-side enterprise applications will be discussed.

The session will deep dive into what’s new in OSGi enterprise specifications and how persistence, transaction and dependency injection support like Blueprint Container services addresses Enterprise use cases. The session will illustrate how OSGi Remote Services coupled with SCA configuration services enables creation of distributed, federated service model for heterogeneous systems. Along with above enterprise specifications, specific implementations like Apache Aries will also be highlighted.

The talk will also brief how OSGi is poised to one of key technology for Cloud computing where software components and services can be deployed, managed, dynamically provisioned with enterprise security within cloud based computing infrastructures.
Takeaways for the Audience In this session, audience will learn about:
(a) An overall understanding to view OSGi as THE module system for Java.
(b) How OSGi is poised to be key enabler for enterprise applications whether on servers, or on the cloud.
(c) How OSGi Enterprise specifications can be used in enterprise business applications.
(d) A better understanding of how OSGI will be key technology in Cloud infrastructures

Speaker Java ConferenceSpeaker: Santosh Kumar
This session on “Why OSGi matters for Enterprise Java Infrastructures” will be presented at the 5th Annual IndicThreads.com Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India on 10,11 December 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference
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