Spring Roo and the Cloud (Tutorial)

Spring Roo is the rapid development tool for Java. With Roo a full fledged application(maven,Spring, JPA) can be created in minutes. Roo has a low learning curve and is easy to use. Roo does not have any runtime dependency and it can be removed from your application code base in minutes. With current milestone releases, you can also build applications which can be deployed in the cloud(Google App Engine).We will talk in depth about Spring Roo capabilities and which all capabilities are support on Google App Engine.

In this tutorial, we’ll look more closely at Roo and how it integrates with Cloud platforms like Google App Engine. We will also develop a small web application using Spring Roo and then will deploy on Google App Engine.

Takeaways for the Audience
Audience will see the capabilities of spring roo and how they can develop applications which are deployable on cloud (Google App Engine).

Speaker Java ConferenceSpeaker: Shekhar Gulati
This session on “Spring Roo and the Cloud” will be presented at the 5th Annual IndicThreads.com Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India on 10,11 December 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference
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