Java – Riding The Change

Over the past year, Java has moved in every direction possible. From frequent proclamations of its demise, controversies, lawsuits, buzz around announcements like JDK 7.. we have seen it all. There’s been optimism from some quarters about Oracle’s ability to take Java forward along with total mistrust from some others. So it has been a rather confusing year for Java. In this session I will try to provide some perspective on where we are with Java today and where we could be tomorrow. We will look at the technologies that hold promise and touch on topics like Oracle’s leadership of Java, Java & Open Source, Java’s growth in the enterprise & the Mobile software market and impact of trends like Cloud Computing.

The theme for conference 2010 is “Riding The Change”, to reflect the changing nature of Java and how developers & companies need to adapt & evolve so as to ride the change & benefit from it. This session will initiate the discussion on how Javaites can ride the wave of change that’s sweeping Java land.

Speaker Java ConferenceSpeaker: Harshad Oak
This session on “Java – Riding The Change” will be presented at the 5th Annual Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India on 10,11 December 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference
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